A protocol of cooperation between the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University and Egyptian Association for Preservation and the environment

Within the framework of the positive role played by the Faculty of Arts to spread awareness of the heritage and the environment has prof. Dr. Abdel Razek Barakat, dean of the faculty to sign a protocol of cooperation between the college and the Egyptian Association for the Preservation and the environment with the aim of raising awareness Egyptian heritage through the establishment of seminars and conferences to raise awareness among students of the importance of Egyptian heritage and how maintaining it.


Ain Shams University board will hold its session at Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa President of the University: –

– Management of amounts of staff Fund and was awaiting Presidential Decree creates a fund to start immediately exchange.

– Establishment of Center for Food Safety to ensure the safety and security of food for the sustainable health of Egyptian citizen.

– Granting the student who has a certificate stating diplomas receiving a master’s degree from the Faculty of Law.

Translation and localization Conference at faculty of Al-Alsun at Ain Shams demanded unification of efforts of localization at the Arab world level

Professor. D. Nahed Abdel-Hamid, Dean of Faculty of Al-Alsun at  Ain Shams University demanded the unification of efforts of localization at the Arab world level, despite the obstacles that stand in the process, which comes at the forefront of the use of the vernacular language in the media and some of the books in addition to the lack of vision of the future of the localization process and randomness is being run without a clear objectives roadmap and milestones show stages, this came in a speech at the opening of the Refaah unit for research and development of linguistic information and translation altogether under the title “translator and development.”

D. Nahed proposed a solution to face this problem which is to have a policy of unified localization in educational institutions in the Arab world which should be characterized by transparency and the dimension of mystery in addition to the preparation of a unified strategy to learn the Arabic language in foreign countries, as well as enriching the Arabic content on the global search engines on the Internet, along with the enactment of legislation and oblige laws institutions interest in the Arabic language and support the role of publishing and translation in the translation and publication of more books into Arabic.

Professor. D. Lila Rizk Jalal, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, explained in the conference that comes to complement the role played by the faculty to communicate with different civilizations and cultures through teaching of foreign languages ​​and Arabic to non-native speakers and graduating generations of qualified translators who are able to carry the translator message and cultural enlightenment, noting that the conference will discuss several topics of the most important dimensions of the development of translation studies, preparation and training of a professional translator, translation software and machine translation, and quality in the field of translation and that in eight sessions over two days with the participation of a group of professors and researchers from faculties of Cairo university, Beni Suef, Damanhur and the University of Tehran Khwarizmi in addition to a group of translators who specialize in a variety of fields.

professor Mohammed El-Kholi, political writer and expert on Arab issues and international affairs, asserted that the translation movement is the key factor for the rise of the real in any nation Examples include the Renaissance created by Muhammad Ali in Egypt, which has to send students to the Western countries to learn their science and then go back and translate it into Arabic.

El- Kholi added that the presence of the Arabic language in the international field associated existence in the United Nations, which was formally established in 1945 after the end of World War II and Egypt was present in this organization since its inception , and since 1960 has become Egypt’s strong presence in the organization after the establishment of unity with Syria and repel Egypt ‘s tripartite aggression and their contribution to the liberation movements and disposal of colonialism in the world , and when leader Gamal Abdel Nasser went to preach in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in his speech in Arabic, which was considered a historical shift in the international arena and the end of the era of the sixties and early seventies and the victory of the Arabs in the October War made ​​them prove to the world that they force significant promulgated a decision in the same year by the General Assembly of the United Nations adoption of Arabic as an official language of the organization to be the sixth language within the organization – and this is a great achievement for the Arabic language – and even now there are languages ​​such as German, Italian, outside of the official languages ​​of the Organization.

El-Kholi demanded to pay more attention to what is published in literature from the United Nations at this time in addition to the agreement to unite the Arabs Arabic term in the translation and localization in order to avoid differences in the translation of the term one between for example, Egypt and the Maghreb countries.


The latest technology for the treatment of inflammatory tendons and joints of the patient’s serum at faculty of medicine Ain Shams

Under the auspices of Professor. Dr. Hussein Essa , Ain Shams University president, Annual Scientific Conference events of the Eighth Division Alternative Medicine and Rheumatology and Rehabilitation , Faculty of Medicine University began for two days, and it has been praised his sovereignty of the active role played by the faculty of Medicine and the Department of Physical Therapy pay system of physical therapy to the Imam , which dealt with the new in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and neck pain , neck, osteoarthritis, obesity and different ways to treat, and other pain osteoarthritis and slipped disc technology Mesuthraby which were used to treat obesity and the latest methods to diagnose feet pain, the Conference discussed the latest ways to treat tendons infections and joints of the patient’s serum itself without the external injection


Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems

Sixth International Conference on intelligent computing and information systems was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Hussein Essa president of Ain ​​Shams University and organized by the Faculty of Computing and Information sciences at Ain Shams University in the period from 14 to 16 December 2013 at the university guesthouse.

A large number of international researchers from various countries around the world participated this year, and brought together about seventy research papers and workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics Technology and E-Learning.

Conference site:



IT projects Managers meeting at the university to discuss the mechanisms of communication and integration

Prof / Jamal Mohammed Ali, Executive Director of Informatics University, held a meeting with the project managers at Ain Shams University and managers of the technological units at faculties on Wednesday morning to discuss mechanisms to communicate with projects at the university and a private draft to  portal development project management and information systems at the University, to ensure the meeting put forward a plan of action on the development of systems integration between the projects was agreed to increase communication between those responsible for the projects.

During the meeting, there  was a proposal to put billboards in the faculty to define projects and tasks assigned to them, in addition to establishing a mechanism for the development of work in order to reach better service and to obtain  high rate  of the projects, as suggested by the attendees to make attach video images and some of the files on the activities of the university on the main site , it was agreed to provide in accordance with the available technical and technological possibilities.

Dr / Mona Abdel Hamid Abdel Aal, the new manager of the Centre for e-learning has also displayed Center activity, objectives, strengths and weaknesses in it and the work plan for the development and activation of e-learning activities within the university.

Dr / Raouf Abdel-Hafiz, the new manager of the Digital Library Project pointed out to the problems faced by libraries and project-related indexing and Theses and the plan to solve them.

In this context, Vice President for Graduate Studies Prof. Dr. / Ali Abdel-Aziz, who attended part of the meeting said that the university allocated 10 million pounds of the Central Library, the library expected to be excellent over the next year after the operations of development, modernization and expansion, which will take place in them.

Abdul Aziz support a proposal that is to take advantage of manuscripts owned by the university through the display in the gallery found in the palace of Zaafaran.


Press statement at Ain Shams University 17.12.2013

Concerning the unfortunate events witnessed by  Ain Shams University campus on Monday, 16.12.2013, the university confirms on the right to practice peaceful protest, which does not disrupt the educational process and does not threaten life and property within the walls of the university and warn their sons  of students from out off campus and who is given the opportunity to elements shabby in exciting riots, which may lead to the occurrence of what may have dire consequences and warn students to approach the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and military buildings located in the vicinity of the university to ensure the safety of students as the university abandon responsibility for any injuries or events that may occur outside the perimeter of the university.